Friday, November 6, 2009

AJ and Inkyhive combo!

I must apologize for not posting before - on our visit of Oct. 8th, AJ was brayering and she did the sky and then stamped the trees, leaving the ground white for snow. . .she didn't care for the sky color and didn't like where she had placed the trees and she was going to toss it!!! I said, OH NO you don't, you can make a card with that. When we got together on the 22nd, I noticed she hadn't touched it, so I brought it home and played with it. I should have scanned it, before I worked/filled in on the bottum. Well, after, I stipple some green and brown in for the ground and filled in the tree trunks with brown, took a fine line black marker and made the extra ink spots, look like birds above the trees. I sent AJ a scan and this is what she said --
Ok, Ok you were right, it could be fixed and used for something!! I really like the added green, that does make a big difference. I could see a little something stamped in the bottom open area. And the birds, they look like real birds, not ooopses! See, One Stampers scrap is another Stampers treasure!! Now, too bad we didn't have a before and after...that would have made for great blogging!! Inkyhive Fixes for AJs messes!!

Please don't ever think it has to be thrown out. . .more times than not, it can be used.

You can get all the stamps from AJ.

Nature gives... 01-W-8026 for Font #1 01-W-8027 Font #2. The tree stamps came from the set Tree Splendor #GA0079, unmounted $12.50. Order on the website, in the comment box say you saw the stamps on the blog, Inkhive or AJ's and I will sell them the set for $9.00!

May you have a wonderful week-end! ~~Inkyhive

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