Monday, April 12, 2010

Easy Water Color Cards

Good Day Rubber Stamping Friends! Since my last post, Spring has Sprung and so has the allergies! If you have allergies, you know what I'm feeling! Besides the allergies, spring is a beautiful time of year....New Birth! Each morning, its a little more colorful, theres more nature noices too. I hear the frogs in the neighboring ponds, the birds singing a new song and the spring breezes going through the trees. You can't beat spring!! Thank You God for Spring! Enjoy the season!

April 7th Inkyhive and I got together to stamp, try some new techniques out and visit lots. Being a Wednesday, I had Granddaughter Kaylei with me,(I have taken care of both granddaughters during the day since they were born, now Lily is 6 and Kaylei almost 5) so it was sometimes challenging to get her occuppied and keep my mind on the "task at hand"! But, I almost completed 3 cards. Once Kaylei went home at 5pm, I could go back to the workshop to complete them. Amazing Inkyhive isn't it!??! So, here is 3 cards done with the
Easy Water Color Method!
Now, You may be asking, "What is the Easy Water Color Method, right?" Well, it is a made up name by ME, but, to me, it truely is Easy! I am normally a Chalk Medium Person, but, when I saw a post of making water color markers looking like "Copics", I thought, this is easy! I can do this, but, in order
for me to do this, I had to get water color markers...there, right in the Granddaughters bedroom,(yes, they have their own bedroom at Grandma and Papas house) there were "washable" markers. So, I tried them, with my Aqua Pen filled with water, and WA-LA! Easy! I stamped with Staz-On ink on WATERCOLOR Paper, scribbled marker on an acrylic block, picked up color with the Aqua Pen, and colored. If the color was too dark, take the Aqua Pen and brush color out. I also applied the marker directly too the Watercolor paper and blended it, but I like to pick up alittle at a time from my block. Now, to get clouds like I have on the Lighthouse card on top, the key is to pick up a little color on the long side of the brush, not the tip, and make a half circle using the SIDE of brush not the tip...add a small amount of pink and purple and light and dark blues. Practice, practice, practice! It is so much fun...I've set aside the chalks for now! Anymore questions, please e-mail me with them! Also, Stamps are available at If you can't find the stamps, e-mail me. My web space is all used up, so I can't get every image up, but I do have them in stock!!
Have a Great Stamping Day, Remember, whatever your circumstances, YOU ARE BLESSED!