Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Days

I know that it has been quite awhile since posting on the blog, but as this summer continues, I must say I am enjoying every minute of it and have set work aside for the time being! I think others are doing the same, as I haven't received an order for quite sometime! After asking for a swimming pool for the past 13 years, we finally put one up for the grand kids!! Our children ask us why are we getting all these fun toys now that they are out of the house?! Our 2 grandchildren are in my care 10-12 hours Mon-Fri, and some weekends. Both have lots of energy, and since they were not going to participate in Summer School, Grandma had to think of things to keep them busy this summer! So, the pool was a good start! I have never been so tan...Because the girls are 5 and 6 years old, I am in the pool just as much as they are, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
Now, things are changing here at AJ's Wood-n-Paper, Ink. First, our website has been discontinued. There has been 2 orders in the past 6 months, so to continue it at the monthly cost, would be silly and not a good business move. But, with a blog, I can post things, hopefully new things weekly for everyone to see and order. Because there is no cost for a blog, it makes CENTS to me! Now, the second thing is, I no longer accept credit cards. I do have a personal PayPal account that I will be setting up to accept payments. Or, the good ole' checks or money orders.
Now, the reason for these 2 stamped cards. The first is the Chickens. Since April of this year, we are raising chickens! We haven't gotten any eggs yet, as they are 16 weeks old, but around 22 weeks they should start.
This stamp, called Chickens, is $3.00 unmounted. If you would like cushion on it, it is an addtional .60 cents. We have Kwik Mount Cushion (not permanent) or Permanent Cushion (for wood blocks).
Now, for the butterflies! I have really taken a notice of all the butterflies gently flying by, and oh what a pretty site. Have even noticed some unusual ones when on vacation "up north".
This stamp is from our Wood-n-Paper, Ink Collection called Butterfly on Thistle. It is a Stamp-N-Stencil set, which means you get a plastic stencil to "Stipple" your ink color on it, this giving it a unique colored look that is not only easy, but everyone will ask "How did you do that?"! Each set comes with instructions (very easy instructions) on how to stipple your ink on your stamped image. The Stamp-n-Stencil Set only costs $7.50. AJ's Wood-n-Paper, Ink has over 30 Stamp-n-Stencil Sets, with more coming soon! Again, if you want cushion, just add $ .60 to the price of the stamp and request which type of cushion.
Now, for shipping. Shipping will be $5.50 for Priority shipping. However, if you have ordered 1 unmounted stamp (without cushion), which fits into a regular envelope, the cost is $ .44 , the cost of a stamp. If you find a stamp from a previous post, you can still order that and "lump" your order together.
E-mail me with your order at ajswoodnpaperink@yahoo.com and include how you intend to pay for it. I will then e-mail your total, along with the address for you to send your payment.
Watch for more posts, and send this post to your friends and get them signed up. For each new friend that signs up to this blog AND places an order, I will also include a FREE stamp of my choosing!
Lets get our fingers Inky and Stamp!!