Monday, August 10, 2009

it's August 10th, already

Whoa! Can you believe it is already August?!?! Time really seems to have gone by very fast this summer season. I thought I would share this card today. I've had this stamp for awhile and I apologize for not having the name. I am hoping to get a catalog from Amy soon, so that I can help you identify the name or the number of the stamp. In the meantime, just e-mail Amy or leave a comment and tell her you are interested. The stamp has 3 flowers, so I stamped the one flower twice. After coloring in the image, I used my versamark pen to go over the entire image and then embossed with clear embossing powder. I then punched out a circle. First, I used the paper that had the circle punched from placed it on the paper where I wanted the sun and then sponged in some yellow and orange ink. I then removed the reverse mask and place the punched circle on top of the sun and then used several different blues to get the sky effect. I also sponged a little gray over the sun to give the effect of clouds. The dirt or sand, I used embossing paste mixed with pearl-ex and applied. I hope this gives you some ideas and maybe motivate you to make a card. Remember, even if you only stamp 15 minutes a day or so, you will get cards made. AND, every one enjoys getting fun mail.
hugs and Prayers,

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  1. Thank you Inkyhive for that great card! The name of the stamp is 3 Outlined Flowerpots, #9267. Mounted price is $5.00, unmounted $2.50. This stamp is very versitle. You can cut each (or just stamp) flower individually, or all in a row. I have used this stamp lots myself!
    August is here. Enjoy the slendor of this month that surrounds you, take a long look at the colors that paint the landscapes and bring them back to your stamping corner, use them to create and duplicate the beauty you see each day!
    Gods Blessings!