Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010

Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas Season and a Great start to the New Year. I know that it has been a long time since I posted, and I appologize for that. When my mind set is on getting ready for anything like the Holidays or a convention, I can't think or do anything else. It seems that being a stay at home mom and grandma, there is always something to be done, weather it be laundry, floor scrubbing, or meal making, there is something that gets into the way of card making, blogging, or website revamping. Soon, Rubberstamp conventions will start up again for us, and everything I wanted to get done this winter, didn't get just never fails. So, questions for you all:

1. How or when do you set aside time for Stamping or Scrapbooking?

2. What is your routine for getting all the household stuff completed?

3. Is Rubberstamping part of a fitness plan? Does it count for exercise?

4. Dishes piled up on the counter, isn't that "Sculpted Art"? They are arranged in various towering shapes...Its inspiration, right? Each shape a part of a "Card Sketch"?

5. Finally, comment to this blog your answers to these questions!

Last week Thursday, Inkyhive came over to Stamp with me...this is how I fit in stamping time...although, we talk for a good hour first (its therapy for me!), then, we start to stamp...Two weeks ago, Stamping Vacation had posted a once a month blog for "Build a Sketch". She gave out several sizes of cardstock to cut out and keep in a container or pencil box. Take a look at her blog.

I had made 2 sets of the sketch pieces, so I could give one to Inkyhive. This is the card that I did when Inkyhive was visiting.
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Thanks for checking in with me, and hope you have a wonderful stamping day!
God Bless!

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